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I Did It!

I finally made some food!  My parents were making fun of me, asking me how long I could have a cooking blog without actually doing any cooking, but they no longer mock me.  

Inspired by the discovery that my new skirt was named after a soup, I made the vichyssoise soup.  It is in the fridge cooling right now, but it smelled (and tasted) delicious while it was cooking.  In order to make this soup, I turned to Betty Crocker, the queen of domestic goddesses.  I followed her recipe pretty faithfully, except that I used a little less chicken broth because we didn’t have enough bouillon cubes.  Also, I put the potato and onion mixture, before I added the half and half, into the blender (we don’t have a food processor…).  This gave the soup the creamy, frothy texture that it is supposed to have.  However, if you were making her recipe as the main entree for any sizable group of people (like over 4 or 5), I would double the recipe.  I don’t think there will be enough to feed my whole family.  But serving it with yummy bread fresh from Kroger will probably help the soup go a little bit further.

While I was finishing up the soup, I began a batch of snickerdoodles, my favorite kind of cookie to make.  For some reason the batter tasted different than normal.  Not bad, just different.  Maybe it’s because I used the recipe out of Betty Crocker’s Cooky Book instead of the other cook book that I normally used.  I figured the recipes would be nearly the same, but it just goes to show you how much impact a little change in the recipe can have on the final result.

I learned some things while I was making this soup.  First of all the difference between half and half and heavy whipping cream is their content of fat.  Whipping cream’s higher level allows it to be whipped, unlike half and half which is nearly impossible to whip.  Also, I learned that my Dad doesn’t like leaks, so any leaks needed in future recipes will be replaced with onions.  With these two invaluable pieces of information, I am ready to conquer the kitchen.  

Be on the look out for pictures of the yummy soup in adorable Anthropologie bowls! 

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